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The Path of Least Resistance and How Dealers Can Benefit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is an agency in Washington, D.C., with a budget in excess of half a billion dollars and over...


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FTC Doubles Down on Its Promise to Stop COVID-19-Related Scams

We've written about it before, but ostensibly it bears repeating. The Federal Trade Commission has no love lost for people who try to benefit...

The Tone at the Top Will be Shifting

The “tone at the top” was, originally, an accounting term but is now often used to describe the general corporate culture established by an...


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How Automotive Lenders Can Improve their Compliance Framework to Adhere with Automotive Loan Regulations

Many automotive lenders face challenges today associated with maintaining compliance in all facets of their business.Automotive loan compliance requires knowledge of federal regulations the...

Data Management / Data Security – Ready or Not?

Stop for a moment and consider the damage a thief might inflict if the data in your Dealer Management System (DMS) or Customer Relationship...



In good business organizations, synergy exists with employees and management, laboring together to advance the agenda of the business.  Management is loyal to its...
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What You Say May Undo What You Do

The retail installment sales contracts used by auto dealerships include disclosures related to GAP insurance and other debt cancellation products that are required under...


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