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Walking on Eggshells

Workplace communication in a #MeToo World Anyone a little bit scared about #MeToo? It’s ok… too actually (pun intended!). As protecting profits is what I...

When is the Last Time you Updated your Safeguards and Red Flags Rule Plans?

About a month ago, I asked a dealer about the last time the dealership’s Safeguards Rule and Red Flags Rule Plans were updated. The...


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Contract Force Majeure Clauses may Provide Performance Relief during Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to impossible for dealers to perform certain contractual obligations. Especially where shelter-in-place orders are in effect and...

Turning a Lemon into Lemonade

While we have been discussing the most frequently cited dealership OSHA violations, it is important to know that sometimes dealerships get letters from OSHA,...


Use the Proper Cleaning Agents to Combat COVID-19 at Your Dealership and Don’t Forget...

In conducting recent facility inspections and independently verifying the COVID-19 countermeasures that dealerships have enacted, we see hand-sanitizer everywhere. On the parts counter, the...

Data Management / Data Security – Ready or Not?

Stop for a moment and consider the damage a thief might inflict if the data in your Dealer Management System (DMS) or Customer Relationship...


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Steps Toward Hazard Communication Compliance

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HAZCOM) was first adopted in 1983 in the United States with limited scope (48 FR 53280; November 25, 1983). In...


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