Association of Dealership Compliance Officers (ADCO) Announces Advisory Board Co-Chairman

Michael Moore, executive manager of operations for the Krumland Auto Group, has been named co-chairman of the Association of Dealership Compliance Officers Advisory Board. He earned his Dealership Compliance Officer Certification in March 2019 at ADCO’s inaugural training and certification session. He joins co-chairman JC Cramer, who will earn her Dealership Compliance Officer Certification in October 2019.

Michael joined the automotive business in 1998 when he began his career in fixed operations. Since 1998, he has served as service manager, parts and service director, F&I manager, F&I director, sales manager, general sales manager and general manager.
Michael was the elected class president for his NADA Dealer Academy class in 2016. “I have a passion for structure, processes and people, which I credit to my time proudly serving in the United States Marine Corps,” he said.

Currently, Michael holds the title of executive manager of operations over seven rooftops for the Krumland Auto Group in southeast New Mexico. Together with the general management team, serving on the Board of Directors, Michael works as a partner to provide guidance and structure to their team of dealerships for the fixed and variable operations.

His other areas of responsibility include human resource logistics, employee and management training, risk management, environmental health and safety regulation standards, state and federal compliance concerns, finance management growth and certification (AFIP) and aiding in creating an overall Krumland Auto Group culture.
Michael attributes his success to knowledge gained from the ground up. According to Moore, “In 1998, I was introduced to the auto industry. Part of my ‘testimony,’ still true to this day, is ‘I sold my vehicle for $75.00 when I went into the United States Marine Corps because I didn’t know you had to change the oil in a car.’ Starting out as a service advisor, I knew nothing about automobiles.

“I began my journey by taking phone calls, setting appointments, writing repair orders, shuttling customers, and washing vehicles,” he added. “I was not ‘given a job,’ I was provided an opportunity to prove and earn the right to be a part of the Krumland Auto Group.” In my 21 years with this organization and industry, I have seen many styles of leadership. Some good, some bad, some horrible and some just downright amazing. I feel I have learned from them all and I am still learning today. My ability to adapt to different personalities helps me understand our employees and customers.

“Paying attention to the details, being obsessive, compulsive and extremely organized helps me understand that the little things matter,” he continued. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

“I am honored to be chosen as ADCO’s co-chairman with JC Cramer and serve on the ADCO Advisory Board. We must capitalize on our strengths, shore up our weaknesses, invest in our opportunities and identify all threats. As a team, I ask that we all work hard, together, to make a difference in our industry, in our dealerships and in our lives.”

The Advisory Board represents the ADCO membership. It is tasked with creating communication venues for members to express concerns, provide feedback and share experiences in order to have a real-time understanding of compliance issues in the industry – including updated regulations, potential issues, suggested resource tools and best practice solutions to address dealership compliance officer needs.