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Each new regulatory evolution that impacts the auto industry imparts an obligation on the part of the dealer principal to comply. The Association of Dealership Compliance Officers is committed to supporting the dealer’s investment in compliance and operates under the legal guidance of Hudson Cook, LLP law firm. www.adcocommunity.com
The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals is the sanctioning body for the F&I trade. AFIP sets the standard for technical competence and ethical conduct in the United States and assists in other countries (including Canada and many in Europe, South and Central America) as needed. https://afip.com
CounselorLibrary.com, LLC is the leading legal compliance resource for the consumer financial services and privacy industries, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of federal and state laws, regulations and litigation. Supported and maintained by the attorneys at Hudson Cook, our products consist of online, interactive state law databases with interpretive analysis, daily reporting and tracking products, monthly newsletters, books and webinars.
In a 100% Opt-in, Express consent process, TurboPass allows buyers, sellers, and finance companies to modernize the VALIDATION of identity, Employment, and Income, with ZERO Technology SPEND! Reduce your LO cost by 25%, increase your client satisfaction, and fund your deals faster! TRUST and VALIDATE FAST! • Text: TURBO to 59262 • https://www.nostips.com

Dealer Compliance Today (DCT), Official Publication of ADCO.

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